4.5kg Cocopeat Block Premium Coir Coco Peat Compressed Cocopeat Brick Garden Soil Bongkah Sabut Kelapa
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Coco peat is a soil substitute or addition to it. Known for its good water holding capacity. Expands up to 60 - 70 liter volume.

Coco peat is the soilless potting mix. Easy to carry block form. It is lightweight, best for balconies & terrace gardening, easy to carry, saves Water, eco-friendly Organic. Best potting media for seed germination.


- Organic Soilless media

- Expands to 60-70 liters volume.

- Enhance water drainage in soil mix while still retaining the moisture in the soil


Weight: 4-4.5kg

Size: 30*10*30

Main Ingredient: Coconut shell fiber

How To Use?

1. Keep the coco peat block on the plastic sheet or bucket

2. Water gradually till the block absorbs water

3. Dab the block for easy water absorption

4. After a few hours, an entire block will absorb the water and swell

5. Drain out the excess water if necessary; then it is ready to use

Care Instructions:

- Store in the dry area

- Keep out of reach of children

Special Notes

Best potting media for Lawns and seeds germination.

*The weight of the block may vary due to moisture content variation during different seasons.