Automatic Pet Feeder 2 in 1 Large Capacity Cat Food Bowl Automatic Dog Food Feeder Water Dispenser
Price RM29.90
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- Color: Blue / Pink / Green

- Material: ABS Plastic

- Suitable for: Cats and Dogs

- Product Dimension: 33cm x 39cm x 26cm



•Premium quality

•Made from non-toxic material

•Safe to use

•Compartments design to separate food and water

•Adjustable feeding speed

•Automatic feed your pet with food and water

•Large capacity to store the pet’s food up to 1.5kg



•Made of high quality, durable and dust resistant medical grade PP resin

•Pet automatic feeder, automatic hydration and feeding, to solve the troubles when you are not at home.

•Easy to clean: The feeder is detachable and easy to clean.

•Open cover design: The top cover is convex, which is convenient for opening and changing food.

•There is an adjustment switch under the food box to control the speed of eating, to avoid indigestion caused by eating too much at one.

•Adjustable valve at the bottom controls the flow of water to prevent pet from choking and keep your pet healthy

•Professional rubber mat and mechanical spring to control the volume of water

•Intended for both dry and canned food

•Water dispenser ensure that your pet have enough water to drink when you go outside long time

•Non-skidding and flipping, keep the room clean

•Economical and affordable

•You may bring it along your journey if you bring your pet together too



- Prohibit the use of hot water, warm or cold water required

- Periodically clean the inside of the bottle and pallet to ensure pet’s health, do not use corrosive cleaning agents to clean this product