BLS SOBO Aquarium UV Filter Submersible Sterilization Lamp UV-009 Penapis Tangki Ikan Akuarium Fish Tank Pond
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SOBO Aquarium UV Filter Submersible Sterilization Lamp

Model : UV-009

UV Light : 9W

Pump Watt : 18.5W

Voltage : 220-240V (50-60HZ)

Capacity : 600L/H

Cable : Length 270cm

Size(LxWxH) : 40x11x15cm


- The UV lamp achieves the purpose of purifying water by reducing floating algae, bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa in the water

- Efficient, more suitable for fish farming

- UV lamp with strong effect of sterilization

- Bacteria and viruses in the water will be killed in a short time

- Suitable For Water Treatment of Aquarium, Swimming Pool, Fish Tank, Pond, Rockery, Fountain

- With high quality lamp tube, high light transmittance

- The UV lamp can be used completely immersed in water

- Suitable for fresh and sea water applications

- 4 suction cups to fit any aquariums

- It is extremely important not to look at the light directly because it may damage your eyes

- The UV sterilizer should always be unplugged when installing or working on it

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