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Cactus & Succulent Nutrient Soil Organic Succulent Potting Mix Garden Soil Succulent Cactus Stone Tanah Kaktus Sukulen
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Product Name: Cactus & Succulent Nutrient Soil

Volume: 2L / 6L



-Rich in organic matter, loose and breathable

-Excellent breathability, prevents root rot

-This soil has been sterilized, breathable and will not accumulate water

-Its high organic content is suitable for plant growth

-Strengthen plant roots, enhance the ability of rapid absorption

-Disease resistance and improve plant quality


Why do we need to use Nutrient Soil?

Newly purchased plants need to be repotted within two months. Generally, the soil will harden after being used for a long time.

Suitable for cuttings of succulents, roses, soft-branched plants, etc. Provide various nutrients needed by plants.