Cat Floral Water Fountain Automatic Water Dispenser Pets Water Feeder
Price RM32.90
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Product Name: Pet Water Dispenser

Material: PP plastic

Volume: 3L

Size: 19.5x19.5x12.7cm

Color: Floral water dispenser / Elbow water dispenser

Suitable for: Cats and dogs



·Safe power saving mute, noiseless and quiet

·Large volume with 3L capacity, drink water normally for 3-7 days

·Quality product with affordable price

·Set come with the complete set water dispenser + 1 filter


[Why use this cat water dispenser to drink water for cats?]

Because this is healthy, it is not easy to wet the cat’s chin. The spring-style filtered water makes the cat more interested and drink more water, which is of great help for the cat to get less sick. Cats are naughty, not easy to knock over water. Make cats fall in love with drinking water.