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Large Capacity Hanging Pet Cage Automatic Feeder Small Animals Pets Food Hanging Bowl Cats Puppies Ferrets Rabbit Feeder
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Product Name: Large Capacity Hanging Pet Cage Automatic Feeder

Material: PVC + ABS

Color: Green, Pink, Blue+Orange

Water Feeder Size & Capacity: 10*15*20cm / 800ml

Food Feeder Size & Capacity: 10.8*16*22cm / 870ml



1. High Quality Material

Made of premium-quality PP plastic, non-toxic, BPA free, safe and durable.


2. Hanging Cage Design

Compared to traditional food bowls, our food hanging bowl provides your pet with a more comfortable and hygienic eating experience.


3. Automatic Supply Feeder

Natural gravity supply system, no electricity required, environmental protection. The slope design with two outlets to ensure that no food stuck.


4. No Leak

This pet automatic water dispenser adopts gravity flow design and can control the amount of water to prevent overflow.


5. Large Capacity

The capacity of feeder and water feeder is up to 870ml and 800ml, which is enough for small pets to use for 3-5 days. You no longer need to worry about the inability to take care of pets due to travel and business trips.


6. Humanization Design

The top lid design makes it more convenient to add food. The threaded clip ensures that the feeder is stable and will not fall off. The deepened bowl prevents the food from overflowing.


7. Easy To Clean

All the parts of the automatic feeder can be split, you can rinse directly with water.