PETPETCAT Tofu Cat Litter 6L Flushable Cat Litter Sand Eco Friendly Premium Quality Pasir Kucing Murah
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Product Name: Tofu Cat Litter

Net Weight: 6L (around 2kg)

Scent: Original / Green Tea / Lavender / Peach

Shelf Life: 24 months (The production date is shown on the packaging)

Feature: Strong odor control, strong absorption, fast clumping and flushable, easy to dispose and easy to scoop


1. Good Water Absorption - Absorbed water fast and clumping quickly, able to absorb urine and dries the waste for better odor control

2. Flushable - Tofu cat litter can be flushed to the toilet, it can dissolve in water, safer and environmental-friendly

3. Non Adhesive Bottom - Absorb water after swelling, non adhesive bottom easy to clean

4. Almost Dust-free - Dust-free can prevent cat allergies

5. Fresh Scent - Original, green tea, lavender and peach, there's a scent for your cat


1. Spread 5-8cm cat litter in the cat litter box and place it in a dry environment

2. After the cat is excreted, the cat litter quickly clumps up and needs to be cleaned daily

3. Clean up every 1-2 days to remove the clumps of cat litter

4. Regularly replenish the cat litter to ensure the cat litter margin in the cat toilet