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Plastic Flower Pot Hole Mesh Pad Cone Shaped Plant Pot Bottom Grid Mat Drainage Hole Screens Prevent Soil Loss
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Product Name: Flower Pot Hole Mesh Pad

Material: ‎Polypropylene (PP)

Color: White

Size: S-58mm / M-74mm / L-110mm


About this item:

~The plant pot hole mesh pad is well ventilated, suitable for bonsai or outdoor potted, great for plants.

~Potted plants may flow out through the necessary drainage holes, which have a good solid protection effect and can keep the soil in place.



1. Made of high quality plastic, solid and durable.

2. Widely used in pots bottom or ceramic pots with holes in the bottom.

3. Plastic impermeable pad to prevent soil leakage and ventilation.

4. Make the roots of plants healthier, prevent root rot.

5. Do not affect drainage, can also prevent insects from the bottom.