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(200g / 1kg) Osmocote Multipurpose Slow Release Fertilizer (General 14-14-14 / Green 23-9-13 / Flower 15-10-22) 缓释肥
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These Osmocote (General 14-14-14 /Green 23-9-13 / Flower 15-10-22) last up to 2-3 months after application.



Osmocote 14-14-14 is a slow release fertilizer that promotes overall plant health and growth. Its slow release and melt-rate makes it ideal for house plants that don't get watered frequently. Due to the slow release rate, it is also less likely to induce chemical burning in plants. Making it a great choice for all gardens and offices.


Osmocote 23-9-13 works wonderfully on Green Leaves vegetables, plants, fruits and trees. It provides multiple trace elements to your plants as well.


Osmocote 15-10-22 great for Flowering Plants, the controlled release functions allows it to release the fertilizer granules to plants gradually and it greatly minimize the wastage of fertilizers as normal fertilizer or slow release fertilizer will be exhausted over a short time!


Contains of each Osmocote:

- General 14-14-14+TE

Nitrogen (N) - 14%

Phosphorous (P) - 14%

Potassium (K) - 14%


- Green 23-9-13+2.5MgO+TE

Nitrogen (N) - 23%

Phosphorous (P) - 9%

Potassium (K) - 13%


- Flower 15-10-22+2.5MgO+TE

Nitrogen (N) - 15%

Phosphorous (P) - 10%

Potassium (K) - 22%


Directions for Use:

-Plants grown in pots

Mini potted plant (5.5 - 12cm pot): 1/2 teaspoon

Small potted plant (12 - 26cm pot): 1 teaspoon

Large potted plant (larger than 26cm pot): 2-4 teaspoons


-Plants grown in the ground

Young plant (0.1-0.5m height): 1/2-1 teaspoon

Medium plant (0.5-1m height): 2-4 teaspoons

Large plant (taller than 1m height): 4-6 tablespoons


- Apply once every 1-2 months for plants kept outdoors, 2-3 months for plants kept indoors or when osmocote breaks down and loses its color.

- Spread fertilizer evenly in a ring around the stem of the plant. Avoid placing fertiliser too close to the stem of the plant.

- Osmocote will only work and take effect when it touches water.

What's in the box

(200g / 1kg) Osmocote Multipurpose Slow Release Fertilizer (General 14-14-14 / Green 23-9-13 / Flower 15-10-22) 缓释肥